Features GN8
CAN-BUS interface Yes
The number of different car models in CAN-BUS database More than 600
Possibility to upload new vehicle's CAN-BUS data Yes
Built-in GSM modem Yes
Built-in GPS receiver Yes
Built-in adjustable tilt and shock sensor Yes
Interface for feature set up and firmware update Micro USB
Possibility to control by original remote control Yes
Controll by cell phone SMS, call (voice guide)
Mobile App SECOLINK Pro (Android, iOS)
Alarm messages and voice guide in 3 languages Lithuanian, english, russian
Possibility to connect system to Yes
Possibility to enter PIN code by secret button Yes
Optional control intended for siren, 2A Yes
Optional control, 2A Yes
Optional controls, 200mA Up to 6
Multipurpose inputs Up to 4
Power output for loudspeaker-type horn Yes
Adjustment of horn's loudness while arming/disarming Yes
Possibility to choose horn alarm signal, when the pre-alarm sensor is in action Yes
Possibility to identify the driver with ID card (contactless transponder key) Yes