Features GN7C
CAN-BUS interface Yes
The number of different car models in CAN-BUS database More than 600
Possibility to upload new vehicle's CAN-BUS data Yes
Built-in GSM modem No
Built-in adjustable tilt and shock sensor Yes
Built-in adjustable ultrasonic sensor Yes
Two way serial interface for GSM communicator - GSW Yes
Interface for feature set up and firmware update Micro USB
Possibility to enter PIN code by secret button Yes
Cut-off of starter's control circuit by built-in 30A relay Yes
Multipurpose negative/positive polarity input 1
Extra multipurpose outputs 2
Power output for loudspeaker-type horn Yes
Adjustment of horn's loudness while arming/disarming Yes
Possibility to choose horn alarm signal, when the pre-alarm sensor is in action Yes
Possibility to identify the driver with ID card (contactless transponder key) Yes